Lille – #winterbreak2015

10 December 2015

Mom texted in the group whatsapp, asked either i’ll go to  Reims or going back to Dublin. I already bought the ticket from Dublin to Paris for 14 December 2015.

I just confirmed with mom that i’ll back to Dublin. But, suddenly kakak text me personally, she said, try to find out how much train or other alternative to come to Reims.

I went down to the hotel lobby for better internet connection. Come out with several options. The train ticket will cost me EYR 80, transit at CDG Airport TGV Station  then to Gare de Reims, bus will cost me EUR42 but there is no bus available.

I knew there is a sharing car services available. I get in to But there is no car available straight to Reims. Kakak suggested to me try to find car from Brussels to Lille then from Lille to Reims.

Found out. Registered at the webpages. Then booked the cars.  You will received the text (sms) regarding the driver information. You need to communicate with the driver where should you wait for his/her.

My car from Brussels to Lille will be at 12.00pm. I have to wait for him at Luise Metro station. Check out the hotel and walked to the metro station.

Jose, the car driver asked me to wait in front of Quick Restaurant and he had called me once he reached the place. The journey took an hour and he had drop me at Lille Europe Station. There was also other two guys in the car and this journey cost me EUR10.20.

My car to Reims will be at 4pm. So there was appromislty two hours for me to wait for the next car.

I decided to walked around the city of Lille. Lille is the capital of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in northern France, near the border with Belgium.

Stop at one of the hotel, and asked the receptionist for the map. with a piece of map, i walked down to the city center.

The clock tower- once you get out from the Europe station, you will see this tower.

Lille Grand Place is the main square provides a lovely view of the 17th to 20th century architecture. There was a Christmas Market at the center which known as Vieille Bourse.

Vieux Lille


3.30pm- i walked backed to the Lille Europe station.Texted my car driver, Cline, where should we meet up.

The drama to find the place is stared! Cline informed me to wait in front of Novotel Hotel. I looked at the map and tried to set up google map but the HP is hang. Asked two muslin lady and she give me the instruction. I was run albeit since i really don’t want to miss the car. Passed by the Gare de Lille, and asked another lady.

She also not sure. Gosh. The lady asked the taxi driver and she was walked together with me until the Novotel. The lady called Cline and you know, i was the wrong Novotel. There were two Novotel in the Lille city.

She asked Cline to pick me. Get in to the car, and guess what, the one of the passenger was the one that i was firstly asked. Funny. The journey took 2 hours 15 minutes and Cline was drop me at the Gare de Reims.

Another story, i was not really familiar of the behind area of Gare de Reims. One of the passenger helped me to get in to the Gare de Reims and unfortunately we are not allow to pass by due to security reason.  I walked along the road side to the main entrance of Gare de Riems, From the far, Kakak already waited for me. Thanks allah. Safe journey from Brussels to Reims. Such as a new experienced for me as single traveler.

Honestly i feel safe along my journey. The journey from Lille to Reims costs me EUR15.31. So total costs from Brussels to Reims was Euro25.51.


I was at Reims until 22 December 2015. My brother in law come over to visit her wife. Mom had packed the frozen food for her twins daughter. I return back to Dublin from by Transavia via Orly Airport, Paris.


Brussels -#winterbreak2015

8 December 2015

Early in the morning, after having showered I took out my bag. Packed all my stuffs (3 grey T-shirt, a shawl, 2 panties, prayer essential bag, toiletries, sling bag) and double checked my passport and visa (most important)
Someone had bought this journey ticket for me and it will be something that I’ll remember it in my life. Thank you for this 🙂


This is my 1st time travel with my backpack. This bag was a birthday gift from my eldest sister and I had been keeping it for 2 years . Used it mean i really appreciate  it 🙂

I walked to Clanbrassil St. bus stop and just waited there for 2 minutes for bus No 16. This bus ended at dublin airport and its cost me EUR2.50. The cheapest way to go to Airport.

Flight from Dublin to Brussels (Zaventem) departed at 13:15H  by Ryanair.

Dublin Airport, Departure Gate

The journey took approximately an hour 40 minutes. Brussels is an hour ahead of Dublin and I had arrived Zavemtrem Airport at 15:55H.

This is me, i will only do some reading of the option that i have to take me from the airport to the hotel.  I just don’t want to have so many things in my head. Focus!

There are two options that i found out, by local Bus or Train. Bus will cost me EUR4.20 and train EUR8.50. I had chosen to take the train to avoid to reach the city in the dark. Yeah, the day is shorter in winter.


Once you arrived the Zaventem airport, took the escalator to level -1 to the train station. Bought the ticket from the machine.

I stopped at Gare du Midi and walked to my hotel.  Based on my passed experienced,I decided to stay at a hotel/hostel near to train station and also walking distance to city center.  After much consideration, 2 days bofere i had booked Brxxl 5 City Centre Hostel via  It cost me EUR39 for 2 nights. 4 Female Dormitory.

After 10 minutes walked, 2 times asked, 2 times stopped at roadside ( checked out my googlemap) finally i found out the Hostel.

Personally, i like this hostel, its clean! just a poor internet connection in the room. You have to go to the lobby if you want better connection.

After an hour rest, a girl come into the room. An Korean girl, Chaewon, who currently attending  the exchange student programmed at Milano,Italy. A Fashion student and solo traveler too.

We had an introduction conversation and decided to have a walked at Grand Palace area. It just 5 minutes walked from the Hostel.

Grand Palace, Brussles



After an hour walked,  I need to go back to the hostel after  i received a massage from one of friend who staying in Bruges. He is on his way to meet me up.

Chaewon went back to the hostel and I had a dinner at one of Moracco Restaurant nearby my Hostel with my friend, Dr Hilmi.

9 December 2015

The room had full with two other girls,a Brazilian and Peruvian. Andrea currently attends English courses at one of the university in UK while  Paticina is an accountant who in her vacation in europe. All of us in the room is single traveler.

I’m decided to join them for a walking tour. There was also an Australian guy, William joined us . While we walked to the Grand Palace, a girl had approached us, asked the way to the Grand Palace. She is Malaysian.

This wall is next to the t’Serclaes monument at the Grand Palace. People said, touched the monument and make a wish. i did and may allah answer my wish. Amin! 🙂

Since everyone haven’t had their breakfast, we straightly went to Maison Dandoy . Andrea and William had joined a free tour a day before, and they told us these shop provided the original Brussels waffle.



Belgium Waffle with whip cream and sugar.

Manneken Pis  –

Us with the Manneken Pis

Four of us decided to Visit the Comics Art Museum, while the Malaysian girl plan to visit the Mini Europe museum. So we had split.

It took approximately 30 minutes walked from the Manneken Pis to the Comics Art Museum.

We passed by Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert




One of the chocolate shop Galleries Royales St Hubert

The Comics Art Museum.

Honestly, i am not really fans for the comics. But, by visited this museum it had add my knowledge. I really encourage the comics fan to visit this museum. Since everyone is under 25 years old, so the cashiers also count in under his categorizes. I paid EUR6.50 ( above 26 Eur8 ) for entrance fee.

Guys,  The Smuffs originated from Belgium.

Paticina and I. She is comic fan


We spend almost an hour visited this museum. It is 3 levels museum. Then we head to The Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula.


Next place will be the Belgian Brewers Museum and also Chocolate Museum which both located at Grand Palace area.

We walked back to the Grand Palace and we passed by Mont des Arts, Coudenberg.

View from the Coudenberg


The Chocolate Museum. (

Yeah, Brussels and chocolate desperateness.  It cost me EUR5 ( present your student card) and it included the chocolate demonstration. I really enjoy it! There was a bowl of chocolate ( in machine) which you can dip the biscuits (provided) at the 1st floor. You can eat as much you want.

We enjoyed the biscuits chocolate dip while waiting for the chocolate demonstration.

Belgian Brewers Museum

Its just small museum which cost you EUR5 for entrance fee. You will get a glass of beer at end of the visit. Yeah, it will a sin for me ( only allah know), but i keep telling myself than it a knowledge me for. It cost me EUR2 for the entrance since i do not had the beer.

This museum show the proceed for make it.


The next place to visit is The Atomic. We decided to use the train to reached there. Its cost us EUR2.10 for an hour ticket.

We passed by, The Parc of Brussles, The Parliament Building and also the  Royal Palace.

Royal Palace
The Parliament Building

12469945_10156362509970517_1031932715_o The Atomium

 We decided not to go up. We just had a walked around the area. The entrance fee for adult is EUR11 and EUR8 for student.

We plan to visit the new museum, Belgium Chocolate Village. ( ) . As we arrived this place quit late ( close at 6pm) and again the entrance fee is EUR8, we decided not to get in. The best thing, the counter lady had gave us each a box of chocolate when we told them that we decided not to get in.

We passed by the GOVIDA OUTLET SHOP. Bought a chocolate for ma and abah, and me. I really recommend for the govida choc fan to come here, it really cheap.



We walked to Grand Palace area to the  restaurant that Andrea suggested to us to enjoy the best chip in Brussels. Really sorry I don’t remember the restaurant name. will update later. Recommended. Varieties of sources and the oil use just for fried the fries.

After had the dinner ,again  we walked around the Christmas market located at Grand Palace area. Oh yeah, i had identified one of seafood stall at the market the night before, and decided to have their mussels.Not bad. We went back to the hostel around 10.00pm.

10 December 2015

Andrea and Paticina went to visit Bruges, and William have to move to his next destination, Amsterdam. Me? My flight ticket back to Dublin at 6.00pm. But, i’m not back to Dublin. Will continue to the next post 🙂




Dear All,

I really want to write my #summerbreak2015 journey. Yeah summer is over but it’s better late rather than never. This is something that i would be remember . So i’ll just write it up!

I could consider to divide it to 2 chapter. Summer in France and Summer in Malaysia.

Wednessday, 10 June,2015 

I took Aer Lingus at 12.45 pm to Charles de Gaulle airport and continue my journey  to Gare de Champagne-Ardenne TGV by TGV train.

Leaving Lullymore Terrace to Dublin airport by Cab
Leaving Lullymore Terrace to Dublin airport by Cab
At Dublin Airport
Waiting for the train at CDG Airport
Waiting for the train at CDG Airport to Gare de Champagne-Ardenne TGV.
After 15 minutes arrival! yeah!
After 15 minutes arrival! yeah!

My journey by train took 30 minutes and its cost me around Eur30. Yeah, Reims is currently where kakak stay  for at least 3 years. She is currently perusing her Ph.D at Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne. We took cab to her residence. Compare to Dublin, here cab more expensive and its not as many in Dublin. We just at room for the rest of the day. Its seem both really tired as i just finished my exam the day before and kakak was busy in her lab.

The next day, around 12.00pm, i had follow kakak tu the City of Reims. Its took around 20 minutes from the residence. Oh by the way, kakak’s residence located at Europe, Reims. After she settle all the matter at the bank, we head to have some coffee and side seeing.

You can read abount Reims here ( )

My 1st ever coffee at Reims (Latino Cafe Reims)
My 1st ever coffee at Reims (Latino Cafe Reims)

A visit to Reims Cathedral

We had visited this place for 2 times. Firstly on my 3rd day in Reims and 2nd time was 2 day before fly back to Malaysia. I was there 7 days before Ramadhan start. Hence i took this few days to explore this Reims City.

You can have a read about this Cathedral here ( )

Personally, i really love to see the structure of the cathedral.


My 2nd visit was during Ramadhan and yeah, i wore same SHIRT (just realize)



...fadh !fath and ...

...fadh !

Brother Hubbard and Sister Sadie

These two cafes are related and  they also share the promotion campaign. I was at the sister cafe in the Sunday evening. The waiters had told me that they have a brother cafe on Capel St. Then, Thursday evening I went to the brother’s cafe and so the waiters told me that they have a sister cafe on Harrington St. 🙂 Actually, i have passed  by this Sister cafe everyday since its at the roadside which my bus to college used.

 My housemate and I at Sister Sadie. We had arrived there around 4.15pm which mean we only have about 30 minutes to enjoy our coffees and cakes.

Sister Saide

46 Harrington Street, Dublin *




Brother Hubbard.

Don’t simply judge the main entrance of  cafe cause it might be so beautiful inside. There is open area inside of this cafe but you do not allow to smoke.

The Belgium Chocolate brownies so yummy

Went there with two other colleagues which only 15 walked from our college.

153 Capel Street, Dublin 1

HuIMG_3142 IMG_3143 IMG_3144 IMG_3152 IMG_3154 IMG_3156

Testing – HP Pavilion tx2000

Hai all,

Either this blog having their so call as reader or not, I’m not so sure. 🙂 I just want to try update my blog using this labtop as previously its not really work. This labtop will shutdown by itself while upload any document (id pictures). Let’s try.

I just enjoying my life here in Dublin. Visiting nice cafe around Dublin for having coffee or some dessert. Cheeers!


Fixx coffee House

13-17 Dawson Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland
Ok. My labtop is working well
Will update more. Promise 🙂

Howth, Dublin

Yeah.. I didn’t bring along my iMac and the current laptop that I’m using is the-heritage-6-years-old from my sister. Just good for reading. No movie no upload. So, I use my phone for everything.

This is my 4th month in Dublin. As for now I just like this city. Not that pack as Kuala Kumpur.

My single traveller to Eastern Europe was successful ( as nothing bad happen) and I’ll update it later.

After come back from the trip, my housemates and I had visit Howth. Howth is a small town northeast of Dublin. It is located on a peninsula closing Dublin’s bay.

We used DART ( train) from Pearse stations in the City Centre which cost us €4.70 (return).

We had ours early dinner at Deep Restaurant and we walked around the watch the sunset.

Enjoy the pictures











Best Regards

Dublin, Ireland


 May, June,July,August and now its almost end of September 2014 and today remark i was been here for a months and 6 days. Hijrah in my life. It’s hard to explain this rezeki but thank Allah for this opportunities.

Back few in months, during Ramadhan, i was be at home late and directly went to my bed. Suddenly, kakak ( yes just next room, same house) had called me,told that i been offer from MARA. That moment, i was blur and my heartstrings told me that Allah ask you to go away and is the time to change life. Everyone told me, i just can continue my study in Malaysia,  Yeah, but i face the difficulty. And allah give me this rezeki.

Most of important people in my life been at KLIA on that day. Mama, abah,kakak, kak long and hasrul. Only my baby brother absent. The girlfriends surprise me with small party. Brought a cake, teddy bear, the frame which consist of everyone wish and also my ‘favorite’ drink, Root Bear from Bundaberg.

Mok de and family, Afni ( my good friend from Matric up to now) also been there. Thank you everyone.


IMG_7936 IMG_7935 IMG_7925 IMG_7939 IMG_7874 IMG_7871 and last..Thank you sayang.

19 April 2014


I turned 29 last 19 April, 2014. Last celebration the series of two. Thank Allah for giving me another year of life.

Life may not be perfect, still, thank Allah for all rezeki, oppurtunity to take my life a notch closer to what my goal is.

I had added my milestone in career by joined an oil and gas company last 2 month. After  had been an auditor for more that 3 years, it’s the right time for me to explore the industry. The learning curve had move upper as this is my new experience of hand on the principles. I pray again, again and again, this learning curve will continuously being upper right ( of course, right)  🙂


Here we go, the party at Chakri Place, Pavilion KL

My 1st Cake of 2014
My 1st Cake of 2014
The Crew
The Crew

 This year, I’m so obsess with this birthday song.

Please go through the remains pics by lissen  this song 🙂










Oh maybe, currently I’m so obsess with Indonesia Idol 2014.. Go Hussien 🙂

Thank every one of you.  Thanks you for adding to the joyful spirit of my birthday party with your presence.

One for album


Best Regards




31st October 2013 to 3rd November 2013 – I had opportunity to visit this free-duty island. This trip had introduce me to oil and gas industry especially the subsea equipment. So, i just grab the knowledge as much as I can.


31st October 2013 – 7.45 am – Airasia

Once arrived, there was a client’s representative (Yard Manager) who already waited for me at the airport. We directly headed the yard. After the safely briefing, I straightly performed my job. 



Hyperbaric Reception Facility
Hyperbaric Reception Facility
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)Image

I can’t recall what the maned of above equipment, but the function is to brig the driver to the deep water. 

Me and Mr Freddie
Me and Mr Freddie

Cheak in hotel – Since its short notice travel, and its long weekend holiday, Freddie have to go several hotels.

Finally – I cant  remember the hotel name. 😦

Night – A good friend of me, Namit came pick me up at hotel for out dinner. She is my friend back at UUM and currently working at UMS

as lectures. She is local and defiantly she knows where is the best place for me!



OMG.. This is heaven. The seafoods are fresh. I also cant remember the restaurant name. Its just cost us RM30.

Butter Milk
Butter Milk





Oh, my hotel is opposite the Perbadanan Labuan



1st November, 2013 – Have a breakfast at hotel and Freddie came pick me up at 12.30pm.

Freddie need to meet the company’s directors who arrived that morning and they came in a group of 10 peoples for business purpose.

Freddie had bring me site siteseeing around this island since their hotel a bite far from labuan town.

My fight back to KL should be at 6.20pm. And its was cancelled by me!

So, we picked them and headed to Jabatan Laut Labuan.


ERM… i had extended my days at Labuan to 3rd November 2013 after consideration.

Yeah, the 2nd and 3 night was at Beach Resort ( Cant remember)

hahahahah.. so bad, need to check with NAmit



Look! What i had for my 2nd day dinner. Ok, its really fresh! at Anjung Ketam 


2nd November 2013 – Next post!

Birthday in Jungle!

Before proceed, I would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY  ( 10th January, 2014) to the one of my girlfriend ever! You deserve all the success, happiness and love in the world. May Allah always blessing you. امين

Yeah, we had celebrated  13 days early since she’ll be away on her birthday. Its most of difficult for me to organise since everyone has own commitment. Date, place and theme too. Kakak had to attend her boss’s son weeding from 11 am to 3.00pm. Azua had to run (marathon) at 8.00pm. So,finally the best time to celebrate it during tea time.

28th December, 2013 ( we celebrate not even in 2014 )

Palm Garden Golf Club, Putrajaya


and this was a surprise party

I asked helped from azua to buy cake since i need to rush to fill up the gallons with nitrogen gasses and rushing back home to change the shirt. Yeah we ( my kakak and I)  were at the wedding that morning.

I always become bad organise since i really not good in segregate the duty to others.


Sorry pidah and syed, make you all waited quit long.

Sorry,Pele because he  has to make u-turn since azua and ida haven’t  reach yet.

*** teng*** teng**

Once everyone was there 🙂

Lets pictures tell you!

Pidah- getting  ready!
Pidah- getting ready!

Blow..Blow :)

The army and wife
The army and wife
Photo Time!
Photo Time!
the girlfriends. wish everyone here
the girlfriends. wish everyone here
oh.. Our table
oh.. Our table
i just love you dear
i just love you dear
Group pictures
Group pictures

Happy birthday kmar.