Lille – #winterbreak2015

10 December 2015

Mom texted in the group whatsapp, asked either i’ll go to  Reims or going back to Dublin. I already bought the ticket from Dublin to Paris for 14 December 2015.

I just confirmed with mom that i’ll back to Dublin. But, suddenly kakak text me personally, she said, try to find out how much train or other alternative to come to Reims.

I went down to the hotel lobby for better internet connection. Come out with several options. The train ticket will cost me EYR 80, transit at CDG Airport TGV Station  then to Gare de Reims, bus will cost me EUR42 but there is no bus available.

I knew there is a sharing car services available. I get in to But there is no car available straight to Reims. Kakak suggested to me try to find car from Brussels to Lille then from Lille to Reims.

Found out. Registered at the webpages. Then booked the cars.  You will received the text (sms) regarding the driver information. You need to communicate with the driver where should you wait for his/her.

My car from Brussels to Lille will be at 12.00pm. I have to wait for him at Luise Metro station. Check out the hotel and walked to the metro station.

Jose, the car driver asked me to wait in front of Quick Restaurant and he had called me once he reached the place. The journey took an hour and he had drop me at Lille Europe Station. There was also other two guys in the car and this journey cost me EUR10.20.

My car to Reims will be at 4pm. So there was appromislty two hours for me to wait for the next car.

I decided to walked around the city of Lille. Lille is the capital of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in northern France, near the border with Belgium.

Stop at one of the hotel, and asked the receptionist for the map. with a piece of map, i walked down to the city center.

The clock tower- once you get out from the Europe station, you will see this tower.

Lille Grand Place is the main square provides a lovely view of the 17th to 20th century architecture. There was a Christmas Market at the center which known as Vieille Bourse.

Vieux Lille


3.30pm- i walked backed to the Lille Europe station.Texted my car driver, Cline, where should we meet up.

The drama to find the place is stared! Cline informed me to wait in front of Novotel Hotel. I looked at the map and tried to set up google map but the HP is hang. Asked two muslin lady and she give me the instruction. I was run albeit since i really don’t want to miss the car. Passed by the Gare de Lille, and asked another lady.

She also not sure. Gosh. The lady asked the taxi driver and she was walked together with me until the Novotel. The lady called Cline and you know, i was the wrong Novotel. There were two Novotel in the Lille city.

She asked Cline to pick me. Get in to the car, and guess what, the one of the passenger was the one that i was firstly asked. Funny. The journey took 2 hours 15 minutes and Cline was drop me at the Gare de Reims.

Another story, i was not really familiar of the behind area of Gare de Reims. One of the passenger helped me to get in to the Gare de Reims and unfortunately we are not allow to pass by due to security reason.  I walked along the road side to the main entrance of Gare de Riems, From the far, Kakak already waited for me. Thanks allah. Safe journey from Brussels to Reims. Such as a new experienced for me as single traveler.

Honestly i feel safe along my journey. The journey from Lille to Reims costs me EUR15.31. So total costs from Brussels to Reims was Euro25.51.


I was at Reims until 22 December 2015. My brother in law come over to visit her wife. Mom had packed the frozen food for her twins daughter. I return back to Dublin from by Transavia via Orly Airport, Paris.


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